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Anti-ageing Serum and Aloe Vera Gold Gel

Anti-ageing Serum and Aloe Vera Gold Gel

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This nourishing combo has all that you need to get a younger looking moisturized skin. Aloe Vera Gold Gel is a nourishing gel that absorbs into the skin in not time and gives complete and thorough hydration to the skin. It has moisturizing, healing and soothing properties that help to relieve irritated skin from sunburns, rashes and redness while rejuvenating the skin. Added Gold particles further help to tighten up the skin and bring a glowing glow. The TNW Anti-Ageing face serum is packed with Hyaluronic, Niacinamide acids and Retinol that help rejuvenating, repairing and revitalizing properties. This natural face serum diminishes all the signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged open pores and sagginess without harming the skin’s texture. You can start using this serum in your early 20s for maintaining youthful healthy skin. The duo is all you need to get a radiant glowing, nourishing and younger looking.