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Anti Ageing Treatment Enriched Night Cream

Anti Ageing Treatment Enriched Night Cream

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An Aromatherapy based, pure essential oil enriched innovative natural formula that helps to keep your skin youthful. This hypoallergenic cream repairs fine lines & wrinkles, erases age spots, rejuvenates skin tone & gives a natural, healthy glow making the skin visibly softer, smoother, brighter & resilient. Along with the essential oils of Lavender, Clary sage & Frankincense STOPAGE V also contains a potent dose of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B2, B3 (Niacinamide) & B5. Essential peptides, Hyaluronic acid & Aloesin are the other distinct ingredients infused in the formula.

What makes STOPAGE -V special?

The market is already flooded with anti-ageing creams & lotions. So, what makes STOPAGE – V stand out? The simple answer to the question is “Innovative natural formulation that works”. Presence of pure essential oil blend along with 5 skin-essential vitamins & scientifically proven side effect free age arresting factors, make STOPAGE -V a product not only with tall claims but also real effectiveness.

The Magic of Essential Oils

Essential oils are the magic molecules of nature. These plant essences are often described as the “heart & soul” of the plant because of their ability to heal & nourish. Essential oils are also one of the few substances that actually penetrate the epidermis & reaches the deeper layers of skin, thus providing quick & visible results. STOPAGE V is enriched with a blend of essential oils that are known for improving moisture retention in the skin, promoting cell regeneration, improving overall skin tone & quality.

The power of “V

The 5 essential vitamins present in STOPAGE – V makes it a revolutionizing formula to maintain the youthfulness of your skin. These vitamins keep skin youthful by invigorating the natural process of elastin & collagen synthesis in the skin and also provides protection from the harmful environmental factors.