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Pure And Natural Indian Indigo, Henna Powder

Pure And Natural Indian Indigo, Henna Powder

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Indigo Powder - Elemensis Naturals Indigo Powder Is A Natural Dye Which Is Very Famous Now Days For Coloring Hair Black. Many People Know It As Black Indigo, But It Gives A Blue Dye. When Used With Natural Indigo Powder It Gives A Dark Brown To Shiny Black Color. Generally It Gives A Blue Dye Even Though It Looks Just Like Indigo. It Is Also Used To Dye Clothes And Get A Denim Blue Color. In Botanical Language It Is Known As Indogofera Tinctoria. The Indigo Powder Is Made Using The Leaves Of Indigo Plant. Henna Powder - Elemensis Naturals Henna Powder is an Organic Henna Leaf Powder that gives hair the healthiest color, which assures grey coverage as well as hair’s health coverage. It is pure Henna powder made of the leaves of the Henna plant to give you desired reddish color. Organic Henna Powder is organically grown without the use of pesticides or other harmful toxins in the process. It is chemical-free, preservative-free and has nothing, but the natural extraction of leaves of the Henna plant in each packing. This colors the hair as well as deep conditions and, strengthens and protects your hair from further damage. It will also help rejuvenate the dull, dry and lifeless hair follicles. Elemensis Naturals Henna Powder is exceptional for dying the hair, beard, and mustache, and is great for men and women. Use Henna powder with Elemensis Naturals Indigo Powder for the advantages of black hair dye. The blending will give nourishment, and shine. With selected picking up of fresh leaves of herbal Henna and then, drying in shade, after grinding them to obtain the pure Henna powder or Mehendi powder extract. Plant Parts:Leaves of Henna Tree.