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Mogra Herbal Waxing Powder

Mogra Herbal Waxing Powder

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No need to go to beauty parlour for waxing, waste of time and money. Applying hot wax, pulling, threading, lots of other pain, redness and rashes. NATURAL HEALTH AND HERBAL PRODUCTS hair removing powder is a simple way to get freedom from unwanted hair with Zero Pain. As it is in a powder form. Regular use of hair removing powder will help to slow down the hair growth process where ever it is applied. Do not waxing in Air conditioner. The Zip Lock Pouch can be carried anywhere even while travelling outstation. Make your hands, legs, underarms and Bikini Area (Private Body Part) look beautiful and soft by using NATURAL HEALTH AND HERBAL PRODUCTS WAXING hair removing Powder at your convenient time and Place. More Information about the Product you can contact to our customer support Team. Precautions Remove all the jewellery before using the hair removal powder Try a patch on your skin before applying to the full hand or leg or any part of your body This is a must for sensitive or over sensitive skin. Don't use on wound areas Store in a cool & dry place Keep away from direct sunlight