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Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil

Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil

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A mild massage with organic oil keeps your child’s skin soft, protected & smooth. After a good massage baby feels relaxed & gets a blissful sleep.  baby massage oil is a perfect blend of natural & essential oils that leave skin ultra-soft and nourished. Each added ingredient in this baby massage has a unique natural skin care properties that makes it safe, gentle and soothing for a baby’s delicate skin. This oil is non-greasy, absorbs quickly and provides a soothing fragrance of essential oils after massage. Regular massage gives strength to bones, muscles and moisturizes the skin also. Give your kids the natural & toxic free massage protection with Baby Massage Oil. AND  Plant Powered Natural Baby wash is assembled with plant based properties for giving calmness & relaxation to baby’s soft skin. Made with plant elements & herbs like chamomile oil, avocado oil & coconut based cleanser. Tender skin has folds on their skin which requires an ideal care from us and our natural baby wash is a combination of natures’ oriented things which maintains a healthy skin. Also, this natural baby wash provides tear free nurture from the day one.