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Natural Fairness Acne Pimples And Spots Face Pack

Natural Fairness Acne Pimples And Spots Face Pack

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Sandalwood Powder has long been used for skin problems and with good reason. Regular use of this antibacterial powder can fight acne-causing bacteria, exfoliate the skin, soothe sunburn, remove suntan, and reduce signs of ag'eing like dry skin and wrinkles. 1. To Cure Pimples and Acne:- Mix 1 tablespoon of Sandalwood Powder, 1 tablespoon of Milk, and a pinch of Turmeric Powder into a paste. Apply this herbal paste on the skin and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it with cold water. The med'icinal properties of sandalwood and turmeric heal the affected areas and make the skin glow.------ Kaolin Clay is incredibly adaptable and can be used on the skin and on the hair. Also, kaolin clay can be used in place of Fuller’s Earth in practically any DIY hair or skincare procedure as an extra mild, nourishing alternative. It’s especially great for those who has sensitive or oily skin.------- Multani Mitti Powder primarily consists of hydrous aluminum silicates of varying composition. Natural components are montmorillonite, kaolinite and attapulgite. Small amount of other minerals present in Multani Mitti Powder deposits are calcite, dolomite and quartz. Skin Benefits of Multani Mitti:-:

1. Make your Face Glow: - Multani Mitti Powder can be a great asset for your beauty arsenal. Not only does it help in getting rid of dead skin cells but it also imparts an instant glow onto your skin.

2. Control Acne: - It is drastically popular for its oil absorbing properties. This is what makes it an effective tool against acne. It helps draw out oil and impurities from your skin, speeding up the healing mechanism when it comes to zits.