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Beetroot Lip Balm For Soft and Shiny Lips

Beetroot Lip Balm For Soft and Shiny Lips

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It aims to prepare all-natural, herbal and Ayurvedic skin-care products only, to share the beneficial secrets of Ayurveda with its consumers. At every product is formulated after detailed research of the key ingredients and their benefits. This is why presents a balm that combines a rich blend of butter, herbs and oils that rescue parched and dehydrated lips. Beetroot Lip Balm is infused with all such vital ingredients that make it the best lip balm for dry skin and beneficial for people of all age, skin type and gender. Its creamy long-lasting formula helps nourish the lip, moisturize chapped lips and give a soft and smooth feel to the lips. It is greatly effective to be used in the winters as it immediately softens the lips as you apply it. herbal lip balm ensures the softness of the lips while keeping them protected from further dryness and chapped skin of the lips. What makes it completely skin-friendly is its non-chemical based Paraben-free formula, which causes no harm to the gentle skin of the lips. It is rich in essential oils to make it a natural restorer of lost moisture and softness of the lips.