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Grealmo Face Wash and Pure Aloe Vera Gold Gel

Grealmo Face Wash and Pure Aloe Vera Gold Gel

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Pure Aloe Vera Gold Gel is a light weight, non-greasy, soothing and nourishing gel that absorbs into the skin in not time and gives complete and thorough hydration to the dry and parched areas of face and body. It has highly moisturizing, purifying, healing and soothing properties that help to relieve irritated skin from sunburns, acne rashes and redness while rejuvenating the skin cells and adding radiance to the skin. Exclusively added 24 carat Gold particles in it further help to tighten up the skin, help to give anti-ageing benefits, minimize open pores and bring a radiant glow on regular use preferably before bedtime. Its calming properties help to soothe the skin after waxing or shaving, too. Pure Aloe Vera Gold Gel is a hydrating pure gel of rich aloe vera with 24 carat gold leaves in it. After wax Cream Leaving your skin smooth and silky. From real FRESHLY CUT Aloe leaves making it one of the purest in the market.This Aloe Vera gel helps to soothe the sunburns, acne rashes, irritation of the skin & calm your shaving burn and more. Presence of 24 carat Gold helps to tightens up the skin and add radiance to the skin. It absorbs rapidly with no sticky residue. It helps to minimises open pores and provides a natural glow like gold. It’s unisexual product with men can use, too, regularly or after shaving. After wax gel Beneficial for after Shaving & Waxing, Aloe vera gel is the ultimate moisturizer for face and body with POWERFUL soothing, anti-inflammatory, and repairing properties. Its fresh, non-sticky texture goes deep into the damaged skin, removing irritation and boosting the regeneration process. Aloe vera gel is a must have for any household. Aloe Vera Gel After Wax lotion. Grealmo Face Wash and Pure Aloe Vera Gold Gel with 24 Carat Gold Leaves for Glowing & Radiant Skin From Freshly Cut Aloe Plant (Green Tea Face Wash & Aloe Vera Gel Combo)