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Green Tea Face Wash 100 ml

Green Tea Face Wash 100 ml

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This brand puts together age-old tried and tested Ayurvedic and natural ingredients to produce skin-friendly products. Grealmo Face wash is a rare yet miraculous blend of green tea extracts and almond oil to give you a thoroughly nourished skin and bring out radiance on the face the natural way. Like all products this one, too, is free from chemicals like Paraben and Sulphate. Grealmo face wash is an ideal moisturizing cleansing face wash for present-day problems like open pores, dryness, pollution, suntan etc., and helps purify the skin while providing essential nutrients to the skin. Green tea present in it is known for its soothing and detoxing properties that alleviate our skin from problems like pimples and acne while presence of Almond oil helps with tanning, pigmentation and open pores while providing radiance to the face. Its moisturizing properties make it suitable for people with dry skin. It is a unisexual product which mean men and women both can use this moisturising face wash. The herbal lip balm provides hydration to your lips through its natural formula of essential oils and butter, which impart a nutrient-rich base to the lips and keep the lips moisturized. The beetroot extracts present in the lip balm moisturize and hydrate your lips to restore balance and good health for your lips.