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Steam Distilled Rose Water 200 ml

Steam Distilled Rose Water 200 ml

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It presents combos for beneficial products that are made of real, non-toxic, chemical-free, herbal, natural and Ayurvedic ingredients. Steam Distilled Rose Water is all-in-one extract of real roses for your skin. It’s effective as a toner, facial mist (spray bottle), make-up remover and also, as the base for all packs. This Rose Water contains no toxic ingredient and has the true essence of real roses. Using it regularly gives your skin a healthy rosy glow and keeps it fresh. It can be used as a daily facial toner as it has no alcohol in it. It is a safe and pure toner for your daily skin care regime. Intimate Wash is a safe product which women use on a daily basis, as it is natural and free of toxin. It is a secure cleansing wash for female vaginal area. It effectively keeps the area clean, odourless and secured from itching, infection and irritation.